All-Safe Pro

All Test pro

The ALL- SAFE PRO™ is a natural extension of the new ATPOL series of on-line testing instruments. It is a permanently installed accessory which offers significant advantages over conventional methods for the temporary monitoring and measuring of power systems.

Manufactured in the USA and conforming to UL STD 61010-1:2004, it is certified by CSA and complies with the EC requirements for a rated input of 600V, measurement category III. For motors or generators over 600Vrms it can be connected via potential transformers and current transformers.

The ALL-SAFE PRO™ provides the signals necessary to determine a motors condition with a minimum of risk, error and trouble. No need to suit up in bulky protection gear. Test set up is fast and the number of tests performed in a day is almost unlimited. The actual sampling takes about one minute. In addition, using the ALL-SAFE PRO™ will eliminate connection errors.

Installation is very easy and no special tools are needed. Each installation can be completed in about one hour.