Exclusive Australasian Distributor

The apt Group has exclusive distribution rights in Australasia for API PRO Enterprise Asset Management Software. In association with API Maintenance Systems a full range of consultancy services are offered to ensure its customers maximise the benefits from their API PRO system; this includes and not limited to:

  • - Maintenance consultancy
  • - Customizations
  • - Implementation
  • - Support
  • - Integration with ERP systems
  • - Validation
  • - User training and Academy
  • - WEB hosting
  • - SaaS

About API Maintenance Systems

API Maintenance Systems develops, markets and supports maintenance management software.

The mission of API Maintenance Systems is to help its customers achieve decisive improvements in their business performance and return of investment by minimizing downtime, controlling costs, and more effectively utilizing productive assets, personnel and other resources.

API has been in existence for over 25 years and has from the beginning aimed purposively at delivering intelligent it-solutions for maintenance management. Today more than 600 organizations in 45 countries throughout the world are supported.


API PRO Open.7 - Enterprise Asset Management

API PRO Open.7 – Deep functionality simplicity of use

API PRO 8 – API PRO Analytics, new & improved version with the Business intelligence module

The API PRO Enterprise Asset Management Software system offers a fully scalable, modular solution that grows alongside the needs of your organization. This makes API PRO the most flexible EAM system on the market today: Not only can the system be customised to enhance user friendliness, it is designed to share business processes with ERP systems as well.

API PRO EAM system can be tailored to the specific needs of any organization, ranking from a few users and up to several hundred individuals, within or across borders. Through pure system configuration, you are in control of what is displayed to your different user types, making the daily use of API PRO simple, graspable and flexible.

API PRO supports your need for KPIs, allowing you to drill down to the reasons behind any reliability problems in your plant. Giving you the option to filter on all relevant KPIs, API PRO EAM provides you with a full overview of what is running smoothly in your plant and what needs some extra attention, whenever you want.

API PRO 8 offers the most effective and flexible EAM solution in the market and also offers you the ability to create continuous improvement with the new business intelligence module: API Pro Analytics. API PRO Analytics identifies and highlights problem areas that you will be able to investigate. With access to data behind the figures, you will be able to find the real cause to the issue. Maybe you did not register time on your WO’s; or maybe you try to find reasons for last month’s high costs. With API PRO Analytics, the reasons will be obvious.

Other new and improved features of the API PRO 8 is the ability to support international companies needs for multilingual data and multiple currencies in one system, remote access to maintenance data from PC, PDA and IPad and also an improved functionality and simplicity in use and implementation.
API PRO 8 will empower you and your organization with just a click of a mouse!