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Infrared Window

Electrical systems are the most critical items within office buildings and industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned stoppages. Infrared cameras are one of several tools whose usage is on the increase. The infrared window allows the thermal imager/infrared camera to inspect electrical cabinets and other systems directly without having to open the enclosure to the environment. Because all of the infrared, ultraviolet and visual light can pass through the special IR optic window smoothly, which will bring extreme convenience for the thermographers on taking clear and accurate infrared/visual images. Our infrared windows with customized diameters, work with all infrared cameras, are constructed for use in low, medium and high voltage equipment. These windows allow thermographers to inspect electrical equipment without exposing themselves to "live electrical components".

The first Element of any risk assessment is to ELIMINATE RISK. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be considered as a last resort.

GUIDE Infrared windows are used to remove the risk to thermographers by ensuring that they are never exposed to energized electrical equipment while inspecting equipment, therefore ensuring safe IR inspections of electrical switchgear. Additionally the use of this type of inspection methodology means that the switchgear always remains shut during the inspection eliminating 99.9% of the causes of arc flash.

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