Condition Monitoring

Assessment Program

A systematic and documented approach to monitoring industrial equipment will help minimize the high costs associated with machine maintenance, opening out and repair during plant operation. The "Audit and Assessment Program" provided by the apt Group employs proven technologies and methodologies. It is designed to assist the client in planning and implementing a meaningful, cost-effective program for operational reliability of industrial equipment, affecting operation, quality, safety and pollution prevention. The program also offers flexible enhancements to facilitate specific and unique requirements of industrial companies as required.

The procedures, methods and recommendations contained in this practice, provide standardized systems, equipment and methodologies, necessary for the effective implementation of an industrial Preventative Maintenance program, both Planned Maintenance (PM) and Condition-based Maintenance (CBM). The recommended practices for the program is carried out by our qualified engineers in conjunction with company personnel supporting the industrial operations.

The apt Group provides services and systems for the on-going surveillance of machinery operational characteristics and lubricants with the goal of optimizing machine performance while eliminating unscheduled downtime and with statutory approval, extend opening out (overhauls) beyond a predetermined time cycle.

Machine Condition Monitoring Technology

The equipment range available from the apt Group incorporates not merely the traditional parameters for measurement, but also patented technology not available in other instrumentation.

Acceleration Enveloping is well suited to high speed and very slow speed machinery, also rigid structures where previously, vibration measurements have been inconsistent. These developments have evolved through an unequalled understanding of machinery dynamics and bearing design.

Equipment & Solution Sales

The apt Group provides the most comprehensive and advanced range of Condition Monitoring Solutions for predictive maintenance (not time based). The range comprises: portable entry level products to the more sophisticated data collector/analysers and on-line, fixed installations.

The more advanced systems have in-built balancing programs, allowing on-site dynamic balancing (2 plane) of rotors/fans etc (unbalance is one of the major machinery problems causing excess vibration).

Associated diagnostic software facilitates report generation, automated diagnostics and trending of: Vibration, Acoustics, Temperature, Pressure and Oil Analysis, to name a few parameters. All modules available are extremely user-friendly and have the same "appearance", therefore the transition between modules is seamless.

The apt Group is an authorised supplier of SPM Instrument Machine Condition Monitoring products for trouble-free operation. In addition, a fine range of Australian designed & built systems are available.

Support Services

Pre-sales, as in system evaluation and post-sales support, is offered to organisations choosing to invest in a particular system. Both on-site and telephone support is provided; technology updates are disseminated and if selected, extended warranty's can be subscribed.