Condmaster® is a comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting software communicating with all SPM portable instruments and online systems for continuous condition monitoring.

More flexible than ever, Condmaster Ruby 2018 offers significant improvements:

Adds a new dimension to online monitoring, supporting the next generation online system Intellinova® Parallel EN with an array of new functions including live view of global values, conditions and unit status.

Improved user experience with new generation graphics - powerful usability enhancements provide easy navigation, clear overview and refined visualization of measurement results.

Optimal flexibility and greater efficiency - a range of flexible features to customize workflows and manage the analysis of condition measurement data gives an efficiency boost to the daily work of engineers and analysts.

Condmaster®Ruby is a comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting software communicating with all SPM portable instruments and Ethernet compatible online systems for continuous condition monitoring.

Condmaster®Ruby comes with a set of powerful features:

SPM HD® or shock pulse measurement is now part of the Condmaster platform, and can also be used in conjunction with LR/HR measurement.

Colored Spectrum Overview for a historical overview of thousands of spectrums over a longer period of time.

Condition Manager for flexible alarm configuration, where alarm limits automatically adapt to the conditions under which the machine is run at any given time.

Measuring Point Imaging connects images or photographs to measuring points, and can be displayed in various parts of Condmaster, e.g the Alarm list, Graphic Evaluation, Colored Spectrum Overview, etc.

• The function Highlighted Measuring Points highlights measuring points of particular interest in a separate window, making it easy to keep an extra watchful eye on them.

Spectrum enhancement provides opportunity to filter out unwanted signals in order to obtain a clearer view of the relevant signals.

Publishing of trends and alarms on the Internet on the Internet enable users to view trends and alarms via most mobile devices (such as smartphone, tablet and computer) without access to Condmaster.

HD Order tracking algorithms produce spectrum with exceptional detail and without smearing problems (available for Leonova Diamond® and the Intellinova® online system).

Condmaster®Ruby contains the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition: a complete bearing catalogue, lubricant data, bearing life calculation, the SPM evaluation rules, the ISO limit values, the mathematical models for spectrum analysis and fault symptom detection, and much more. It has network capability, data import and export functions, and full system security with different access levels. You can administrate all maintenance activities, set up time schedules and measuring rounds, input work descriptions, and generate machine fault statistics.

Condmaster Ruby 2018 is available for single or floating licensing. It runs under Windows 7 (32/64-bit) or later. The software communicates and stores data on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later and is delivered with MSSQL 2014 Express Edition on the installation media.

The software is module built and can be tailored, in performance and price, to your selected hardware and technical requirements.

Pictures with Color Zones (in green, yellow or red depending on current status) on several levels in the Graphical Overview ranging from plant overview level (top left) down to measuring point level (bottom right).

Bearing monitoring and analysis

  • - HDm/HDc
  • - dBm/dBc
  • - LR/HR with Lubmaster
  • - SPM Spectrum
  • - SPM HD Expert
  • - Colored Spectrum Overview

Vibration monitoring and analysis

  • - Vibration ISO 10816,2372
  • - FFT with symptoms
  • - EVAM® including Condition Manager
  • - HD ENV
  • - 2 channel simultaneous vibration measurement
  • - 3 channel simultaneous vibration measurement (Leonova Diamond®)
  • - Run up/Coast down, Bump test and FRF
  • - Orbit analysis and Shaft Centerline Plot
  • - 12800 lines, 40 kHz
  • - 25600 lines, 40 kHz (Leonova Diamond®)
  • - HD Order tracking

Online monitoring

  • - Intellinova


  • - Web and e-mail alarms
  • - SAP link
  • - Rule Based Evaluation
  • - AMOS link


  • - Plant Performer

The platform includes the measuring techniques HDm/HDc, Vib ISO 2372, two user defined measurements (data input as analogue voltage or current, or manual), RPM measurement and temperature measurement, all for unlimited use. It also includes Measuring Point Imaging and is capable of voice recording.

All additions to the platform functions are ordered separately, for either unlimited or limited use. Modules can be bought at any time as update files.

Limited use (for Leonova Infinity and Diamond only) implies that credits are deducted each time the function is used in the measuring instrument. For online system Intellinova, limited use is time based. Part of your investment can thus be turned into operating costs by buying “measuring credits” instead of paying for an unlimited program.