EasIR Series

Rugged, robust, high performance and bottommost price, EasIR™ series open a large new market in the industrial temperature measurement. Ergonomically designed for either hand handing, one button for shoot-and-save easy operation, it is an ideal tool for routine thermal inspection. EasIRTM series camera will be your best helper bringing whatever you expect. With super rugged housing and rubber protection, EasIR™ series cameras are far more robust and shock-resistant for any tough working environment.Featured with latest PIP&Infra Fusion technology, it helps you pinpoint the problem exactly with the most efficiency. EasIR™ series camera are unbeatable for trouble shooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, building inspection and wherever just limited by your imagination

  • - Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • - Electrical inspections
  • - Building diagnostics
  • - Technical diagnostics
  • - Veterinarian helper

Features and Benefits
  • - 2 Mpixels CMOS
  • - AGT: Auto Gate Technology
  • - Auto Focus
  • - Ergonomically for handing and easy operation
  • - Large Storage capacity
  • - Rugged and Egronomical design
  • - Friendly interface for convenient use
  • - Infra Infusion technology
  • - Flexible battery compatibility
  • - Low cost, high performance

Technical Specifications

EasIR series