High Voltage Testing

A Comprehensive High Voltage Test & Condition Monitoring Service is available for effective asset management

Using the latest methods, world class test equipment and reliable highly qualified and experienced Field Engineers.

To cover:

- Complete Substation / Plant
- Periodic Inspections in service
- Plant Commissioning
- Periodic Condition Monitoring - outages & post maintenance prior to energise


Equipment failures and breakdowns are expensive and time consuming; while many reasons for them exist, most are avoidable if the right condition monitoring techniques are employed.

To ensure optimum performance, the insulation systems within high voltage apparatus need a regular "health check". Millions of dollars are at stake large investment in equipment, as well as significant revenue streams are dependent upon critical equipment operating successfully.

A large proportion of breakdowns in high voltage electrical apparatus are due to failure of insulation resistance and the consequent outage is often more serious in term of loss of production than the actual repair cost. There is thus a clear potential advantage in the application of condition monitoring to give early warning of degradation or failure, so that remedial work may be carried out at a time of the operator's choosing, rather than emergency repair.

Typical example

Power Transformers and HV Cables deteriorate with age and excessive stress and can fail without warning at enormous cost. As such, the available services provide fingerprinting, trending, grading of the worst offenders and accurately pin-point probable failure.

Why the apt Group?

The organisation understands the modes of possible failure and can tailor preventive maintenance programmes to maximise asset reliability and equipment lifespan. It is accustomed to delivering tailored services in high risk industrial and mining environments, utilising the latest equipment and techniques.

All tests comply with IEEE and ANSI/NETA MTS test standards.

The independent and comprehensive analysis of test results and discreet report will provide the plant owner a valuable knowledge base to assist in the role of effective asset management.