LineLazer is a shaft alignment kit for Leonova™ and its software present some crafty technical innovations to increase accuracy and ease of use.

Easy aiming

The laser beam is spread horizontally and directed towards a 35 mm [1.4 inch] vertical detector. This makes the effective target size larger compared with other high performance measuring units using pencil beams and 18 mm [0.7 inch] square detectors. LineLazer measuring units need no adjustment screws and stay on target even when misalignment is severe.

Coded light

The laser beam is modulated and thus easily and automatically distinguished from interfering light sources.

No mirrors

The laser beam is not mirrored, both measuring units are true transmitters/detectors. Wireless communication (patent pending) between the measuring units makes the communication cable between the heads redundant.

Automatic measurement

Using precision inclinometers, the angle of rotation of both sensors is known at all times. This allows measurement in fully automatic mode, with much less than a half-turn of the shaft. In addition, the shaft position can be measured by a manually selected program or as user input.

LineLazer software is configured for horizontal and vertical shaft alignment. It measures soft foot and uses thermal compensation. The display is updated in real-time and the graphical interface guides the user through the alignment process to the easily understood results.

Like all advanced Leonova™ functions, LineLazer can be bought on a 'pay on use' basis. The purchase price is significantly reduced and pre-paid credits are automatically deducted each time the function is used, thus converting investment money into operating costs.