Machinery Alignment

Productivity does not accept down-time!

It is well documented, 50% of all machinery problems are caused by machinery misalignment, the cost of which equates to not merely damaged components and down-time, but also increased power consumption and degradation of product quality. Every year the industry spends a tremendously large amount of money unnecessarily.

In virtually every industry rotating machinery plays a vital role. Motors. pumps, conveyors - Critical to all machine performance is the alignment of their drive shafts. So measuring how accurately they are aligned and how much you need to correct them is vital information.

All moves that are made by machinery, linear or rotating, are made more efficient and trouble-free if the movement is done without friction, stress or tension. To avoid this the machines have to be properly aligned. ie: two shafts joined in a coupling needs to have a common center line to eliminate vibrations, lifetime reduction and waste of power consumption.

Fast and precise aligned machines means:

One major reason for the lack of attention to alignment is that it has been difficult and time consuming to perform. It often requires specialist skill and training to handle the alignment equipment. This knowledge needs to be updated every time the equipment is used.

Even then it could take a whole day to align a simple motor-pump application. Some degree of misalignment was something most engineers just had to live with.

Not any more. The apt Group can provide you with laser based alignment of your coupled machines, machine trains and offset mounted machines with cardan shafts.

"Alignment has never been a problem for us, because we are using flexible couplings"

Flexible Couplings are just couplings. They can neither reduce or eliminate the forces affecting misaligned machines.

...our machines do not need to be aligned that accurately"

All machines need to be aligned to prolong their lifetime and maximise their efficiency. New machine are optimised for their purpose and often require an even higher accuracy in alignment.

Reverse Dial Indicator Tools are also available as a cost effective alternative.