Motor Management Tools

AC/DC Motor Management Tools

Detect & measure the severity of AC motor stator and rotor problems, DC motor field winding problems, power problems and cable issues. When adopting the correct test schedule, taking into consideration operational factors, test data can be trended to predict the remaining service life for preventive maintenance purposes. A written health report will be provided. Three tiers to the program are available.

Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)

Complete On-line dynamic Motor and Power Diagnostics. Superior AC diagnostic capabilities with Rotor Health, Air Gap or Eccentricity and Stator Health together with all mechanical issues, such as bearings, loose belts, gearboxes, etc. Also, excellent Diagnostic DC testing for Motors, Generators and Alternator.

Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA)

Provides Off-line static impedance based testing to assess the condition of AC and DC motors before they are placed into service, by providing an in-depth analysis of the motor circuits. Typical faults pinpointed are turn to turn shorts, open turns and coils, reversed coils, coil to coil shorts, connection defects, air gap defects, rotor defects such as broken bars, eccentricity and casting voids.

Motor Inspection and Evaluation (MIE)

Provides an on-site consultancy service, to audit motor reliability and access the suitability of existing motor applications to the connected loads, as well as recommend efficiency improvements for motors. A total motor asset reliability program, which recommends a set inventory of spare motors to be held, as well as a routine motor change out plan, based on motor service factors.