Other Cameras

Fixed on-line Cameras

The MF series has analog video and net work digital video. Various lens are available, including 8mm, 13mm, 40mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm, which satisfy different applications; the pan tilt is optional, it has an IP66 rating and has functionality of 0~150 'C, allowing it to work in a tough environment.


Guide also manufacture a range of infrared camera’s for use in passive detection. They can visualise the unseen to be seen and present it as a vivid infrared image from long distance, in a covert situation, in heavy haze, smoke, rain, snow and total darkness. The portable thermal imager, the 24 hours security monitoring IR camera, the long range surveillance thermal camera, you can find any type as you desire at Guide Infrared.

CVS (commercial vision systems)

Offered by Guide complement and complete your IR camera network by giving you the power to see threats invisible visuallye, turning night into day. Explore our products and find out how thermal imaging is a great asset in the application fields of Vehicles, Maritime, Law Enforcement, Security, Aviation, Border Security, Coastal Surveillance and etc.