Other Electrical Services

Power Analysis

Provides spectrum analysis of mains power conditions based on data collected on site and reports identifying total harmonic distortion, electrical line disturbance, power factor and phase voltage/current asymmetry.

Power Factor Correction

Provides improvements in power quality and efficiencies with actual reduction in power billing amounts that deliver financial benefits directly to bottom line profit columns. Our qualified engineers can design, install, commissioning and service power factor correction equipment which will achieve worthwhile financial returns for client businesses.

Electrical Power Transformer Oil Testing

Provides on-site oil sampling and subsequent chemical analysis that includes Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Dielectric Strength, PCB content, Furans, Moisture Content, Acidity and Viscosity. Other tests are available as required. A detailed report is provided and onsite oil reconditioning is carried out to ensure the oil is maintained in good operating condition.

Portable Electrical Appliance Testing

Provides fully compliant tests and tagging of all portable electrical mains powered appliances with connected leads and plugs. The testing and tagging is carried out to comply with the standard AS/NZS 3760:2003. A complete register of all appliances and power leads is recorded on an electric data base, copied onto a CD for client held records and scheduled re-testing is managed by our staff to ensure future testing schedules.