Reliability Engineering

The apt Group provides a broad range of reliability services to meet extensive applications and requirements. Its team of qualified and experienced engineers will ensure a professional response to customers’ needs in the following fields:

  • - Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM)
  • - Failure Mode & Fault Tree Analysis
  • - Life Data Analysis
  • - Design for Reliability
  • - Reliability Management
  • - Reliability Predictions & Modelling


The aim of the apt Group is to deliver highly effective reliability services to clients, to improve and optimise asset health. An “availability analysis” will provide the interval equipment will remain operational, whereas “maintainability” is the duration an asset will remain out of service during repairs, prior to resuming operation.

Failure Mode & Fault Tree Analysis

This is a useful engineering technique to identify and eliminate known and potential problems of a system. A Fault Tree deals with probabilistic risk, reliability and availability problems.

Life Data Analysis (Weibull Analysis), Root Cause Analysis & Parts Stress Analysis.

Clients are assisted in measuring the life of equipment/components, using probabilistic models that are based on statistical distributions, on Suspended, Right Censored and Left Censored Data.

Design For Reliability (DFR)

Many design processes ignore the design that will ensure reliable performance. Clients are supported during the product design stage to ensure an asset is able to perform its functions to a required level of reliability and structural integrity.

Reliability Management

The apt Group can assist its clients carry out the following:

  • - Reliability planning & implementation
  • - Reliability strategic management
  • - Defect elimination
  • - Maintenance strategies & best practice using Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability Predictions & Modeling

The apt Group uses reliability metrics based on statistical approaches to model and predict equipment failures. The modeling technique can be used to calculate the system reliability of the following:

  • - Series Configurations
  • - Parallel Configurations
  • - Combinations of Series & Parallel Configurations