Thermal Imaging

The provision of on-site survey's using scanning thermal imaging cameras and associated software to locate temperature related faults within electrical switchboards, motor control centres, distribution boards, transformers, motors, transmission line connections and cables Etc. Infrared thermography technology, detect heat related problems within components, including switches, fuses, circuit breakers and associated electrical connections.

Thermography surveys help to manage the risk of fire and explosion, protect against catastrophic failure and comply with insurance companies requirements, by looking beyond the normal colour spectrum of the human eye. Regular check-up scans by our qualified engineers save money other wise spent on major equipment and property repairs, as well as lost productivity. Infrared Thermography is a powerful Risk Management tool which more than pays for its cost whilst delivering peace of mind.

A wide range of uncooled and cooled infrared thermal cameras are available, that are commercially developed and industrial, medical, scientific, secure and military qualified. These various cameras have made it a reality in just a few years to transform invisible technology into smart tools advantaging people's life throughout the world. Quality, satisfaction and innovation hold the highest priority from vendors.