TP8 Series

ThermoPro™ TP8 series

Improved on the most advanced IR package available now, integrating multiple technologies never used in the industry, ThermoProTMTP8 is another ingenious solution Guide IR provides for professional IR thermographers around the world.
ThermoPro™ TP8 comes in a rugged, compact and durable magnalium casing and offers a wide assortment of unexpected features that enable thermographers to work with unprecedented efficiency and productivity. Exceeding all the existing IR radiometric cameras, it sets another new standard of the first-class products for the whole industry.


  • - Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • - Electricity inspections
  • - Building diagnostics
  • - Veterinarian helper
  • - Portable law enforcement

Features and Benefits

  • - New-generation high-performance IR detector
  • - Intuitive detachable touch screen& remote control handle
  • - High thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurement
  • - High-resolution image presentation
  • - Real-time radiometric recording and JPEG image storage
  • - High-speed data transfer via USB2.0
  • - Synchronous video output on VGA LCD screen
  • - OLED viewfinder,VGA display device & TV display device
  • - Ultra-large-capacity 2GB SD memory card
  • - Compact architecture and intuitive touch screen control
  • - Robust post-processing software
  • - License free and rapid delivery

Technical Specifications