Vibration Analysis

In addition to the need for a high level of engineering expertise in machinery diagnostics, the other major factor in providing a reliable predictive service in Condition Monitoring is Multi Parameter monitoring and analysis.

This philosophy provides the best indication of the true condition of a machine or machine component.

As such. The apt Group have facilities for measuring the following parameters:

Traditional low frequency (vibration)

Measurements help locate imbalance, misalignment, critical resonances, mechanical looseness and structural problems.

Acceleration Enveloping (demodulated vibration)

Measurements help identify and locate bearing faults and contamination earlier. It works at all speed ranges, pinpointing location of problems in bearings and gearboxes.

Temperature. Pressure, Load etc.

Process variables which indicate a change in machinery condition.

Phase Measurements

Used with vibration analysis to assist in root cause analysis.

Using the latest Vibration Analysis Equipment and Techniques, coupled with expertise in all aspects of bearing performance, apt Group engineers are able to detect machine problems at an early stage, giving you time to organise spares, plan maintenance and reduce unplanned stoppages.

Either a portable analyser or one permanently installed, to observe change over time is employed in the range of services available.

Flexibility also exists in the method used to transfer data for analysis, options include an on-site upload, electronic transfer or remote interrogation.

Reports can be customised to correlate all relevant data and as required, formatted for input into a MMS or ERP system.

Advanced Machinery Diagnostics

Analysing vibration provides good insight into a machine's integrity; it can also identify structural problems in objects and warn of damaging consequences.

One of the specialised services available through the apt Group, is Operating Deflection Shapes (see ODS), this is a term used when modeling a machine to observe its dynamic behavior under varying loads and conditions, also comparing it to similar machine(s). A written report with a machine animation can be provided.

In Summary, high levels of unequalled support services are available to apt Group clients, these include: Analysis of Bearing Failures, taking into account: design, sealing, installation procedures and component tolerances. Direct access to factory support through its alliance partners is also available.

The apt Group prides itself in using vibration and other parameters/tests, to identify the Root Cause of a fault and thereby provide a solution to fix the problem forever, possibly better than new; this practice is referred to as Precision or Proactive Maintenance (see Training Courses).