2017 Newsletter | Third Quarter Issue

Welcome to the apt Group‘s Third Quarter Newsletter for 2017.

From SPM Instrument, we present a case study from “Arlanda Express”, which is the fastest means of transportation between Stockholm and Arlanda. The company has now invested in the portable instrument Leonova Emerald to measure bearing condition on train wheel bearings.

We also present a case study from All-Test Pro named “Electrical Signature Analysis Performed on Vertical Turbine Pump Motors in Municipal Application”, showing that Predictive Maintenance and a proper diagnostic tools program are extremely important!

MDW – Perth, the Motor Diagnostic Workshop will be held from 28 Aug – 01 Sept! This is the last opportunity to register for this annual event. There are many reasons to justify condition monitoring of electric motors. Probably the main one is that according to Nolan & Heap, 68% of equipment failures are random in nature, in other words failures are not age related.

If you would like to learn more about improving Electric Motor System Reliabilitywithin your plant, we welcome your attendance!

IMVAC – Surfers Paradise, the Australian Edition of The International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference is being held in the Gold Coast from 5-7 September 2017. Register to get a chance to attend presentations held by SPM Instrument & All-Test Pro technical representatives.

Lastly, check out the New Financial Year price offer and package on the All-Test Pro Motor Genie.

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Next generation condition monitoring!

Under the Arlanda Express brand, A-Train operates trains between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm Central in Sweden. After successful test measurements, the company has now invested in the portable instrument Leonova Emerald to measure bearing condition on train wheel bearings.

The test measurements with Leonova were conducted in April 2016 during a test drive where the train ran at a speed of about 160 km/h, with a measured rotational speed of 900 RPM on the wheel shaft. The test setup included four DuoTech accelerometers and one tachometer and the measurements were carried out using the SPM HD shock pulse technology.

Very clear spectrums indicated outer ring damage on one of the four measuring points. During follow-up measurements two weeks later, the outer ring frequency signal had increased further. The wheel shaft was dismantled from the train and sent for renovation. When the shaft was disassembled in June 2016, small but distinct outer ring damage was revealed, entirely in accordance with the analysis of the test measurements.

After the successful test measurements and subsequently confirmed bearing damage, A-Train invested in the portable instrument Leonova Emerald with the patented technologies HD ENV and SPM HD. Despite difficult measurement conditions, the HD technologies provide clear and easy to interpret measurement results at a very early stage of damage development – thus providing optimal conditions for planned maintenance. A-Train has taken delivery of the instrument and maintenance staff has undergone training in its operation.

Arlanda Express is the fastest means of transportation between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Trains depart six times per hour during peak hours and every fifteen minutes at other times. The journey takes twenty minutes. The service began in November 1999 and 3.6 million passengers travelled with Arlanda Express in 2016. A-Train is also the infrastructure manager of the Arlandabanan railway line, which, since its inauguration, has enabled more than 70 million people to travel quickly, safely and environmentally between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm City.

More info on Leonova Emerald can be found here 

All-Test Pro Case Study

Electrical Signature Analysis Performed on Vertical Turbine Pump Motors in Municipal Application


Authored by William Kruger and Alex Panattoni

The Pump Station P-19A that supplies drinking water to the City of Henderson, the second largest city in Nevada, serves a population of over 270.000 people and is one of the most critical potable pump stations operated by this city. Originally there were 3 pumps when its operation began, but later 2 more vertical pumps were installed (Pumps 1 & 5). 

Cause for concern
Later on the pump size was increased, but
the motor horsepower remained the same. The motors often exceed 105% of nameplate
full – load amperage (FLA). Although this is within the capabilities of the motors, they operate at near maximum output. By 2014 some tests results suggested the possibility of early bearing degradation in Motor 5, the rotor bar passing frequency was within range. The vibration summary concluded that systems were operating within acceptable limits and that no maintenance actions needed to be taken at that time. Two months later, Motor 5 exhibited signs of overheating; reaching temperatures that exceeded 160 degrees Celsius.

Comprehensive Testing to Prevent Motor Failure
The in house maintenance team performed winding tests using both the ALL-TEST PRO 31™and ALL-TEST IV PRO™ to confirm that the windings were in good condition.

Then they used this equipment to conduct ‘insulation to ground’ tests to prove the insulation was not grounded. Next, they performed a rotor inductance test, which measures the inductance of all three phases of a motor at different individual rotor positions. During the test, the rotor is positioned at exact intervals, as seen in the picture to the right.

While the tests indicated the possibility of a rotor problem, the results didn’t show the problem definitively. We knew the current was modulating and we put a time trace on it, but we needed to do more extensive testing, “explains Alex Panattoni, the Control Systems Technician leading the Electrical Section of the City of Henderson’s Department of Utility Services.” 

Click here for the full version of ALL Test Pro Case Study


Motor Diagnostic Workshop 2017

Improve Motor System Reliability

This year again, we at the apt Group, are proud to run the Motor Diagnostic Workshop. Joining us this month in Perth, will give you the opportunity to reduce maintenance and energy costs dramatically and increase your plant uptime, by identifying faults early enough to prevent catastrophic failure.

For its 12th consecutive year the MDW will be held over 5 days, split into Motor Circuit Analysis and Electrical Signature Analysis. This comprehensive, certified training course is designed to improve the Electrical Reliability of an organisations’ electrical machines. 

International predictive maintenance specialist Bill Kruger, from All-Test Pro, will be conducting the training. Using proven instructional techniques, attained from over 40 years of practical field experience and coaching many Fortune 500 companies, he will provide a comprehensive learning experience (Theory & Hands-on) that will allow you to quickly and easily identify the issues that plague your Electrical Reliability Program.

Click here for more information and registration!

IMVAC 2017

International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference

Continuing the month’s activities, the apt Group is one of the Premier Sponsors of IMVAC 2017. This event is designed specifically for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals. From workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo. The conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial vibration analysis, the complementary condition monitoring technologies and the reliability improvement fields of precision alignment, balancing and lubrication. 

Attend our alliance partners presentations on the following days:

05/09/2017 – From 1:30 to 4:30 pm – Improving electrical reliability by implementing a motor diagnostic and testing program – William Kruger from ALL-TEST Pro, LLC 

06/09/2017 – From 10:45 to 11:30 am – High definition gearbox monitoring – Tim Sundström from SPM Instrument AB

07/09/2017 – From 9:00 to 9:45 am – Accurate condition monitoring of ultra-low and low speed machines – Tim Sundström from SPM Instrument AB

Register using this discounted APT registration link and receive an additional 10% OFF the current conference rate.

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