2017 Newsletter | Fourth Quarter Issue

Welcome to the apt Group‘s Fourth Quarter Newsletter for 2017.

As we head towards the festive season, we recap the events from the last quarter.

For its 12th consecutive year, the Motor Diagnostic Workshop was held in Perth WA and some of the teachings for Static and Dynamic motor testing using the All-test Pro 5 has been provided as a technical guide, entitled: “Lessons Learned from Modern Motor Testing”.

In the Gold Coast, we attended the inaugural Australian IMVAC event as a Premier sponsor, both as an exhibitor and presenter. The event was seen by all as a great success and we are pleased to share some photos for the nostalgia. Look out for us again next year!

Further in this newsletter and from SPM Instrument, a case study is provided, entitled “Three years pre warning time for a low RPM drying drum with SPM HD“.

Lastly, we are launching a NEW range of high quality pre-cut Stainless Steel shims for machine alignment and to entice you, we will provide the very best prices in Australia! We welcome your inquiry now.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and would like to thank everyone who has supported us through 2017 to make it a success.

Kind regards,
Geoff Soper
apt Group Team


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Motor Diagnostic Workshop 2017

Towards the end of August and for its 12th consecutive year, the Motor Diagnostic Workshop (MDW) was held in Perth and split into Motor Circuit Analysis and Electrical Signature Analysis over five days. This comprehensive and certified training course is designed to improve the Electrical Reliability of an organisations electrical machines, combining demonstrations, instructional techniques, visual aids and case studies.

International predictive maintenance specialist Bill Kruger, from All-Test Pro, emphasised the benefits and taught the theory and functionality of the systems.

International predictive maintenance specialist Bill Kruger, from All-Test Pro, emphasised the benefits and taught the theory and functionality of the systems.

Bill Kruger from ALL-Test Pro during his presentation

Bill Kruger and some of the MDW participants

The MDW course is held around the same time each year and as such, we welcome expressions of interest for attending the 2018 workshop. We will keep you updated with the latest developments in electric motor diagnostics and the planning for next year’s event as the new breaks.

Wish to find out more on our Motor Diagnostic Workshop or the AT5 “flagship” for Motor Circuit Analysis; please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lessons Learned from Modern Motor Testing

Author: Aaron Schnelle, Technical Support, and Richard Scott, General Manager, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC

The Company

During the demonstration of an ALL-TEST PRO 5™ Motor Circuit Analysis instrument (de-energized motor tester) a member of ALL-TEST Pro Technical Support Team tested a 10HP, 4-pole, T-frame motor that had been removed from a large corn wet milling facility.

This corn wet milling facility processes about 14,000 bushels of corn each day. The motor which drives a conveyor belt had exhibited a “phase fault” on the variable frequency drive (VFD) that controlled it. The maintenance staff at the corn wet milling facility had determined the motor was “bad” through a process of elimination that involved a series of part replacements that were unsuccessful in restarting the motor. The motor was then sent to the motor distributor’s repair facility where it was tested using two ‘traditional’ motor testing technologies – a surge test and an inductance-based test – both of which provided no definitive results.

Condition of Motor Revealed by AT5™ De-energized Testing Instrument 

The AT5™ motor circuit analyser is battery powered, hand-held, and weighs less than 2 lbs. After connections were made to the three phases of the motor, a static test was performed. Next, the motor shaft was manually turned during the dynamic portion of the 3-phase test, and at the end of the test, the instrument showed the results (the entire test takes about 2 minutes).

Unlike the unsuccessful surge test (which applies high voltage to the motor coils) and the inconclusive inductance-based test, the AT5™ immediately detected a stator winding fault (see below).

While the IND test using the DYNamic option indicated there was a fault in the stator winding, it’s important to point out, that often it is impossible or impractical to perform a “Dynamic” test (which requires the slow and smooth rotation of the motor shaft) in the field; this is due to motors being physically coupled to the process or being located in an inaccessible spot.  If it’s not possible to perform a Dynamic test, it is still possible to use the AT5™ de-energized motor testing instrument for comparative analysis using the patented reference Test Value Static (TVS).

Read the full case study by clicking here!

IMVAC 2017

International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference

Take a look at some of the pictures taken at The International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference that was held in the Gold Coast, Australia from September 5-7 where the apt Group was one of the Premier Sponsors.

Tim Sundström from SPM Instruments during one of his presentations

Bill Kruger from ALL-Test Pro during his presentation on “Improving electrical reliability by implementing a motor Diagnostic and testing program”

The apt Group Team + Tim Sundström from SPM instruments

Tim Sundström at the apt Technology booth

Three years pre warning time for a low RPM drying drum with SPM HD

Author: Sami Lehtonen, Product manager from SPM Instrument Oy, Finland

Since 2012, an international chemical company in Finland has been using the online system Intellinova Compact to monitor the condition of its slow-rotating and heavy drums, weighing up to 150 tons each. The monitoring system utilizes SPM HD measurements and vibration analysis with HD ENV.

The bearing in question runs at approximately 15 RPM and has been in operation since 1998. The drum has four support wheels, one in each corner.

The dismounted support wheel

In May 2014, the first indications of an outer race damage showed up in the measurements. The development of the damage was monitored over the next three years before the bearing was finally replaced.

The outer race damage on the support wheel bearing when dismounted – three years after the
Online condition monitoring system detected the first indications of a potential problem.

This is a very good example of the benefits of accurate condition measurement data. The maintenance department got ample time to schedule the repair.

Major savings were made, both in repair costs and reduced downtime, since replacement was done during normal stoppage. This kind of result also gives the local maintenance staff more confidence in future condition monitoring-based plans.

Download the full case study by clicking here

LAUNCHING a NEW range of quality pre-cut Stainless Steel Shims

In the shaft alignment process, pre-cut shims can be used to correct the exact vertical position of a movable machine so it will be in alignment with the stationary or reference machine.

We are now pleased to announce, a NEW range of high quality pre-cut Stainless Steel shims and to entice you, we will provide the very best prices in Australia!


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