Newsletter | February 2018

Welcome to the apt Group‘s First Quarter Newsletter for 2018.

The year started strong with SPM Instrument celebrating their 50th Anniversary of the SPM Method and has released a series of videos to celebrate it. Watch one of them by clicking here

In addition to their anniversary we have Special Offers on a number of fixed Leonova Instrument packages at very attractive prices. The fixed-package approach simplifies for customers to find a suitable solution and it is available for a limited time only!

SPM Instrument provides an article entitled “Outer race bearing damage in paper machine couch roll“. It discusses how an outer race bearing damage was detected at the Romanian paper mill Vrancart, on a couch roll in paper machine K25 during comparative measurements between SPM HD and HD ENV.

ALL-Test Pro just released the new MOTOR GENIE® – Condition Calculator™ App. The app is a companion to the MOTOR GENIE® motor tester and allows you to quickly analyze your motor data using your smartphone. Take the guess work out of knowing if your motor is GOOD or BAD!

Lastly, we are pleased to announce the dates for this year’s Motor Diagnostic Workshop & IMVAC.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter!

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SPM Instrument Case Study

Three years pre warning time for a low RPM drying drum with SPM HD

Author: Dobromir Dobrev and Nikolay Nikolaev

To determine the most suitable measurement technique for this application, several methods were used on each measuring point, including SPM HD and HD ENV. In this particular case, it was concluded that both measuring techniques gave very similar results, providing early warning and clear indications of bearing damage.

When the couch roll bearing was dismounted, severe outer ring damage was confirmed.

This case study describes online condition measurement taken from a couch roll bearing in paper machine K25 at Vrancart S.A. Adjud in Romania, one of the most important producers of corrugated cardboard, paperboard and tissue papers in the country. The total of finished pulp and paper/paperboard products is approximately 80,000 tons/year.

The customer is making investments in upgrading the paper machine to increase its typical working speed. To accomplish this, a reliable system for continuous condition monitoring is needed. At the time, the online system Intellinova from SPM monitors a total of two hundred measurement points in the press section and five dryer groups.

The subject of this case study is the couch roll bearing in the drive-end. Since this is a large and very expensive bearing that is very important for the working process, it is essential that it be carefully monitored.

Image 1 shows the couch roll bearing
Image 1 shows the couch roll bearing

The couch roll is a rotating, perforated metal cylinder at the end of the forming section of the paper machine. The function of the couch roll is to remove water from the wet web through the application of vacuum. It also serves as the final “wrap” where the wet web leaves the forming fabric and is guided onto the felt and into the wet-press section. The surface of the couch roll is covered with rows of small holes. Baffles within the interior of the couch roll direct the vacuum toward the segment of the roll where the wet web is on the fabric.

Image 1 (on the right) shows the couch roll bearing, located at the transition from the forming section (a.k.a. wet end) of the paper machine to the press section. The forming section ends with the couch roll, which passes the paper forward to the press section. The operating speed of the couch roll varies from 55 to 128 RPM.

Image 2. Damage to the bearing outer race
Image 2. Damage to the bearing outer race

The measurements results showed that on this application, the SPM HD and HD ENV methods both provided early warning and clear signals related to the bearing damage.

To continuously monitor the condition of critical parts of the paper machine, one Intellinova Compact INS06 unit and six Intellinova Standard INS10 units are used.

From the very beginning of the measurements on July 1st, 2016, right up until the time of bearing replacement on January 5th, 2017, HDm/HDc levels were continuously high; about 35 dB, which is on the alarm evaluation limit.

In the time signal, fourteen clear shocks per 1 revolution can be observed. In the spectrum, there are visible harmonics matching the BPFO bearing symptom for this 23096 FAG bearing.

Click here to read full case study

Motor Genie® Condition Calculator™ App

ALL-Test Pro has released The MOTOR GENIE® Condition Calculator™ APP.  The App quickly analyzes the MOTOR GENIE® measurements of resistance, impedance, current frequency response (I/F), phase angle (fi), phase balance (pb), and insulation resistance to ground testing for low voltage three phase AC induction motors.  It is presumed that the user has a basic understanding of iOS and/or Android mobile devices.

Note: The App is designed as an accessory to the MOTOR GENIE® Tester.  Inputting data from other instruments may provide inconsistent results.

Purchase and download The MOTOR GENIE® App clicking on button below:

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