Newsletter | August 2018

Welcome to the apt Group‘s Third Quarter Newsletter for 2018.

From SPM Instrument, we present a case study “Gear and bearing failure in multistage gearbox”, about the results of condition monitoring on a multistage gearbox driving a disc filter in a pulp mill.

SPM Instrument  announces the launch of Condmaster© Ruby 2019, the latest version of the comprehensive condition monitoring diagnostics and troubleshooting software and the NEW Temp/VIB Transducer, with unique 2-Pin MIL spec connector.

MDW – Perth, the Motor Diagnostic Workshop will be held from 08th – 12th October! This is your opportunity to register for this annual event. There are many reasons to justify condition monitoring of electric motors. Probably the main one is that according to Nolan & Heap, 68% of equipment failures are random in nature, in other words failures are not age related.

If you would like to learn more about improving Electric Motor System Reliability within your plant, we welcome your attendance!

See the latest pictures from IMVAC – Surfers Paradise, the Australian Edition of The International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference held in the Gold Coast from 6-9 August 2018.

Lastly, check out the New Financial Year price offer and package on the Leonova Package Solutions from SPM Instrument.

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SPM HD Technologies Case Study

Gear and bearing failure in multistage gearbox!

By Göran Almqvist – SPM Instrument AB

This case study describes a failure in a gearbox driving a disc filter in a pulp mill. The installation was part of a gearbox monitoring project handled by the SPM Strategic Sales & Applications group. The measurements started when the gearbox was in healthy condition and continued throughout the period during which bearing and gear condition deteriorated, and continued after the gearbox had been repaired.

Click here to read the full Case Study 

Condmaster Ruby 2019! 

New Product Launch

SPM Instrument, Sweden, leading provider of condition monitoring technology and products, announces the launch of Condmaster©Ruby 2019, the latest version of the comprehensive condition monitoring diagnostics and troubleshooting software. The new release is designed to deliver higher throughput, more connectivity options, advanced statistics functionality, and enhanced data reporting.

SPM Instrument continues to put its experience and extensive software expertise to work to deliver new levels of usability and help customers and partners get the most value out of the software.  The new release addresses the growing need for interoperability and real-time data integration in industrial enterprise environments.

Connectivity for the smart factory

Focusing on connectivity and efficiency, this further development of Condmaster Ruby adds options that further simplify the process of exchanging data with automation assets, IIoT devices, and control systems in smart manufacturing. The capability to merge high-quality condition monitoring data into Big Data analytics and machine learning enables more accurate predictions and sharper analysis.

The new release comes with a REST API (Application Programming Interface), an easy to implement, Industry 4.0-friendly feature enabling Condmaster to act as a hub for condition monitoring data that other resources can access for further processing or analysis. In an upcoming revision, OPC UA will also be supported to further expand interoperability.

High-efficiency data handling

In Condmaster Ruby 2019, numerous improvements substantially enhance database performance. Extended parallel computing enables faster execution of processes and calculations, thus supporting Big Data analytics. In many cases, users will experience performance speedups of up to ten times, such as in machine fault symptoms calculations and backups. Enhancements include faster database synchronization with reinforced data integrity, updated backup management, and extended backup options.

In-depth KPI follow-up with Plant Performer

A key feature of the new software release is the Plant Performer statistics module, which has undergone extensive further development. Plant Performer compiles and visualizes statistics relating to technical and economic KPIs in the OEE/TEEP area for display, evaluation, and printing in Condmaster Entity Server. The module is a very useful tool to demonstrate the benefits of condition monitoring and communicate its technical and economic impact to all levels of the organization. Plant Performer data can be exported to other systems by means of an application programming interface (API). Statistics from an unlimited number of Condmaster databases can be exported and imported – such as from other divisions, production units, plants, or an entire Group – for easy comparison of data.

For more information about Condmaster Ruby 2019, click here or contact us at

Temp/ VIB Transducer

New Product Launch

New Temp/VIB Transducer, with unique 2-Pin MIL spec. connector. Compatible with existing cable and plug infrastructure used throughout industry. interfaces the Intellinova Parallel EN online monitoring system and HD ENV from SPM instrument.

Motor Diagnostic Workshop 2018

Improve Motor System Reliability

This year, we at the apt Group, are proud to run the Motor Diagnostic Workshop 2018. Joining us next month in Perth, will give you the opportunity to reduce maintenance and energy costs dramatically and increase your plant uptime, by identifying faults early enough to prevent catastrophic failure.

For its 13th consecutive year the MDW will be held over 5 days, split into Motor Circuit Analysis and Electrical Signature Analysis. This comprehensive, certified training course is designed to improve the Electrical Reliability of an organisations’ electrical machines. 

International predictive maintenance specialist Bill Kruger, from All-Test Pro, will be conducting the training. Using proven instructional techniques, attained from over 40 years of practical field experience and coaching many Fortune 500 companies, he will provide a comprehensive learning experience (Theory & Hands-on) that will allow you to quickly and easily identify the issues that plague your Electrical Reliability Program.

Click here for more information and registration!

Continuing the month’s activities, the apt Group was one of the Premier Sponsors of IMVAC 2018. This event is designed specifically for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals. From workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo. 

Take a look at some of the pictures taken at The International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference that was held in the Gold Coast, Australia from 6-9 August.

New Financial Year Special Promotion

SPM Instrument Sales Package!