Project Description

Intellinova Standard

The Intellinova System is comprised of an industrial enclosure, a Commander Unit, internal cabling and terminals for power supply. Up to four monitoring units can be mounted and are ordered separately. The enclosure, intended for wall mounting, is robust and sealed for use in harsh environments. The unit has a flange with one cable inlet for eight measuring cables plus two cable inlets for power supply and network connection. It has three blind plugs where additional cable inlets (Pg29) for up to 32 measuring cables can be mounted. Holes for cable inlets intended for digital in- and output connections have to be drilled. The DIN rail has terminal blocks and cabling for connection of power supply. The unit has an earth rail (DIN) where the measuring cable shields should be connected. The unit is equipped with plastic cable channels and status indicators on the lid. Power supply unit, accessories for DIN rails, internal cabling and cable inlets are ordered separately. Technical specifications for the Commander Unit are stated on data sheet TD-271. The various types of monitoring units are described on the data sheets TD-272 to TD-275. Cable inlets and accessories for DIN rails are described on TD-289.

Dimensions (w x h x d):


– 500 x600 x210 mm
– (19.7 x 23.6 x 8.3 inches)


– 480 x 480 x 155 mm
(18.9 x 18.9 x 6.1 inches )


– Ethernet and mobile access
– SPM HD-enabled
– 4 module slots

Typical applications

– Groups of machines
– Gear boxes
– Fans
– Agitators
– Conveyors
– Crushers
– Paper machines

Download material

– TD set
– INS10