Project Description

Leonova Diamond Aligner

Leonova Diamond Aligner Kit DIA750 is a complete kit of equipment for shaft alignment. The kit contains instrument, alignment sensors, brackets, chains, rods, cables and a tape measure, all in a carrying case. This kit fits a multitude of applications, e.g. compressors, gearboxes, generators, and pumps.

The alignment sensors use high precision digital CMOS linear image detectors. Compensation values for thermal growth can be input. High precision inclinometers measure the angle of rotation of both alignment sensors at all times. This allows measurement in fully automatic mode, with much less than a half-turn of the shaft. Measurement results are displayed in 100ths of millimetres or 1000ths of an inch.

The Leonova instrument is the control and display unit. The interaction between the graphical display and the user is kept as simple as possible. A self-explanatory display based on icons and graphics guides the user to make a perfect shaft alignment. Leonova produces a log file with all alignment data for documentation and printing.

Measurement programs:

  • Alignment of horizontally mounted machines (automatic measurement or manual prompts)
  • Alignment of vertically and flange mounted machines
  • Soft foot measurement
  • Compensation for thermal growth
  • Feet lock function
  • Shaft alignment log