Project Description

Leonova Diamond

Leonova Diamond® is a portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. This heavy-duty yet sophisticated instrument brings powerful analysis and troubleshooting capabilities to your condition monitoring program. Wherever measuring route efficiency is a priority, Leonova Diamond is the perfect choice, providing a powerful combination of well-proven measuring techniques for every situation all in one instrument.

To ensure continuous operation in abusive industrial environments and deliver supreme performance, durability and reliability, we made Leonova Diamond as tough as they come.

Advanced bearing and vibration analysis

The backbone of all proactive maintenance is up to date information on machine status, obtained with two well-tested frontline techniques. Shock pulse monitoring with the SPM®HD method gives early warning of bearing deterioration, the most common cause of machine failures. Unique in its ability to measure in the 1-20000 RPM range, the method provides a crystal clear picture of bearing condition. The perfect companion to vibration analysis, SPM HD can be used successfully on all types of machinery with rolling element bearings.

HD ENV® enables the detection of gear and bearing faults very early on in the damage process, making it possible to closely monitor the development throughout the stages, along with advanced vibration analysis for general machine condition and more features.

Vibration severity monitoring diagnoses general machine condition. In the 0-40 kHz frequency range, Leonova Diamond measures vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement according to the latest ISO 10816 standards. The EVAM® measuring technique supplies pre-programmed evaluation models for time and frequency domain parameters. FFT analysis produces a 25600 line spectrum with true zoom, where symptoms of imbalance, misalignment and structural weakness are easily identified.

For shock pulse and vibration analysis on variable speed machinery, the powerful HD Order Tracking algorithms very carefully trace RPM variations occurring during data aquisition. The sampling rate is automatically and continuously adjusted to the current speed, enabling more precise measurements and more detailed spectrums than ever before.

Root cause elimination is true preventive maintenance. A poorly aligned and balanced machine wastes much energy and wears itself out. Do not tolerate excessive noise, vibrations and failure rates. Leonova is a state of the art maintenance tool offering fast and easy alignment and balancing.

Full flexibility and modular functionality

Condition monitoring costs money for equipment, training and labour. With Leonova, you have a free choice of suitable instrument functions and how to pay for their use. Unlimited and limited functions can be combined at will. Platform functions are always included and their use is unlimited.

When use is limited, the price for the function itself is much lower. Instead, the user prepays a tankful of ‘credits’. Leonova automatically deducts credits from the tank when its ‘Measure’ key is pressed. Thus, the user’s operating costs depend on the number of measurements taken. Leonova Diamond keeps count, giving two warnings before the tank is low, then switches to reserve. Credit tanks are refilled, and/or new functions added, by loading a coded file ordered via the local distributor.

The purchase of “measuring credits” instead of unlimited use turns most of the investment into operating costs.

PLATFORM always included for unlimited use

  • SPM HDm/HDc
  • 2 channel simultaneous vibration
  • 12800 lines, 20 kHz
  • RMS vibration, ISO 2372
  • Speed measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Stethoscope function
  • Analog signals, current and voltage
  • Reading from and writing to CondID® memory tags
  • Automatic recording for up to 50 hours
  • Check points, free text
  • Recording of vocal comments

Functions for Unlimited or Limited Use

Unlimited and limited functions can be combined at will.

  • SPM HD Expert, time and freqency domain analysis
  • Shock pulse method dBm/dBc
  • Shock pulse method LR/HR
  • SPM Spectrum
  • Vibration ISO 10816 with spectrum
  • Orbit analysis
  • 3 channel simultaneous vibration
  • Vibration Expert
  • HD Ordertracking
  • Time signal
  • Post trigger
  • 25600 lines, 40 KHz
  • EVAM evaluated vibration analysis
  • Run up / Coast down
  • Bump test
  • Balancing, single and dual plane
  • Shaft alignment