SPM Instrument AB is a global leader in condition monitoring technology. SPM offers a wide product range from high-tech portable instruments to online systems and a comprehensive software. For nearly fifty years, they have supplied the world’s industries with high-performance condition monitoring solutions.

SPM exclusively develop and market all the technology to measure, analyse and present condition data from complex machinery. The power of innovations enables customers to tap into the potential of the world’s most efficient condition monitoring solutions.

In addition to advanced measurement technologies, their extensive product line covers everything from transducers, transmitters, and cabling to power-packed online and portable instrumentation and software, as well as methods and products for corrective maintenance, such as laser shaft alignment and balancing.

SPM condition monitoring solutions fully comply with the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

A wide range of portable instruments are available, along with measurement transducers and accessories. Please find more information following the links below:

See the newest software solutions to master your performance. Condmaster Ruby 2019 is the newest comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting software release by SPM.

Find in this section everything you need to be fully equipped. From Transducers and Transmitters, Shims to CondID.