Our comprehensive range of Electrical Services includes Electric Motor Diagnostic (EMD), Thermal Imaging, Switchboard Inspections, High Voltage Testing and other electrical services.

Electric Motor Diagnostic (EMD)

Provides early warning for the severity of electrical faults developing in both the rotor and stator of all motor types and all sizes such as, shorted and/or loose laminations, cracked or broken rotor bars, poling, turn to turn faults and high resistance winding joints in stators and armatures.

  • Detection of faults & generation of severity reports
  • Trending for critical motors or motors with known conditions

Thermal Imaging

When a thermal irregularity is discovered during our survey we will not only provide a coloured thermographic image and matching digital photograph, we will add an analytical report explaining the most likely cause of the irregularity and propose corrective actions such as predictive maintenance suggestions or design solutions where required.

  • Scan and Analyse the Thermal Condition of Transformers, Switchboards, & Motors Etc.
  • Manage the Risk of Fire & Explosions.
  • Protect against Catastrophic Failure.
  • Complies with Insurance Companies Requirements!

Switchboard Inspections

  • Routine Inspections & Observations
  • Corrective Actions

High Voltage Testing

Power Transformers, Switchgear and HV Cables deteriorate with age and excessive stress and can fail without warning at enormous cost. As such, the available services provide fingerprinting, trending, grading of the worst offenders and accurately pin-point probable failure. 

Transformer Testing

  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis)
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor (tan-δ)
  • Excitation Current
  • Winding Resistance
  • Turns-Ratio
  • Oil Analysis
  • Visual Checks

Switchgear Testing

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarization Index
  • Winding Resistance
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor (tan- δ)
  • Partial Discharge
  • Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA)
  • PD Testing (to detect Transient Earth Voltage)
  • Protective Relay Testing

In addition to off-line testing, there are two major on-line tools in motor testing –

  • Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)
  • Thermography Scanning

Cable Diagnostic tests offered by apt Risk Management include:

  1. 1Hz Sine Wave Over-Voltage Pressure test

Category 1 Test

This test is used to “fault” the cable defects without jeopardizing the cable system integrity. It does not cause harmful space charges (as is the case with DC) and is best effective with PILC cable, but can also be used with XLPE cable.

  1. General Condition Assessment (Tan-δ)

Category 2 Test

This test is non-destructive.

It is possible through the application of a 0.1HZ Sine Wave test voltage, providing an overall assessment of the dielectric insulation.

  1. Off-Line Partial Discharge and Location

Category 2 Test

This test is non-destructive.

Off-line PD has been proven to detect between 85% and 95% of defects through statistically significant data correlation studies and is backed by the IEEE400 as the most effective test. Whereas online PD monitoring will detect only 3% or less of insulation defects.

Other Electrical Services

Power Analysis

Provides spectrum analysis of mains power conditions based on data collected on site and reports identifying total harmonic distortion, electrical line disturbance, power factor and phase voltage/current asymmetry.

Power Factor Correction

Provides improvements in power quality and efficiencies with actual reduction in power billing amounts that deliver financial benefits directly to bottom line profit columns. Our qualified engineers can design, install, commissioning and service power factor correction equipment which will achieve worthwhile financial returns for client businesses.

Electrical Power Transformer Oil Testing

Provides on-site oil sampling and subsequent chemical analysis that includes Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Dielectric Strength, PCB content, Furans, Moisture Content, Acidity and Viscosity. Other tests are available as required. A detailed report is provided and onsite oil reconditioning is carried out to ensure the oil is maintained in good operating condition.

Portable Electrical Appliance Testing

Provides fully compliant tests and tagging of all portable electrical mains powered appliances with connected leads and plugs. The testing and tagging is carried out to comply with the standard AS/NZS 3760:2003. A complete register of all appliances and power leads is recorded on an electric data base, copied onto a CD for client held records and scheduled re-testing is managed by our staff to ensure future testing schedules.