Our extensive range of Condition Monitoring Mechanical Services includes Vibration and Lubrication Analysis, Machinery Alignment, Dynamic Balancing and Non Destructive Testing.

Vibration Analysis

Multi-parameter monitoring allows for advanced notification of pending problems. Patented technology along with traditional techniques, provide insight into the machines: general dynamic condition, bearing wear, lubrication breakdown, metal-to-metal contact, electrical and, structural problems. The latest technology is effective on slow and high-speed machinery.

Lubrication Analysis – Identifying the stages of bearing damage

Oil Analysis is complimentary to vibration analysis and suitable for all industrial machines with gearboxes and hydraulics etc, which are both equally contaminant sensitive. Sample regularly to “change away” problems and ensure “no spanners are required”.

Machinery Alignment

It is well documented, 50% of all machinery problems are caused by machinery misalignment, the cost of which equates to not merely damaged components and downtime, but also increased power consumption and degradation of product quality. State-of-the-art Laser technology is used in Machinery Shaft Alignment, Roll Parallelism, Perpendicularity and Straightness/ Flatness; the said technology is easy to use, fast and, extremely accurate.

Dynamic Balancing

Unbalance is the other major machinery problem causing excess vibration; our test equipment has an in-built balancing program allowing on-site dynamic balancing (2 plane) of rotors/fans etc.

Non Destructive Testing

Pipe Thickness Tests, Flaw Detection and Leak Detection etc.