Free 1/2 Day Perth Seminar

Friday 22 November – 8:45am to 12pm

Presented by Stefan Furness (SPM Instrument) and Geoff Soper (apt Group).


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    Next Public Seminar (TBA)

    “On-line Intelligent Predictive Maintenance for Electric Motors & Generators”

    apt Group would like to introduce its latest range of on-line intelligent predictive maintenance system using Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), for electric motor-driven equipment and generators.
    “Artesis Technology Systems” manufactures a range of intelligent condition monitoring products. These products are used for plant monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process optimisation across multiple industries including chemical and petrochemical, metal processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water, utilities, cement, food and beverage, automotive, textile, defence, and maritime sectors.

    Presenter: Dr. Omer F. Eker | Product and Business Development Manager – Artesis Technology Systems,
    HQ Turkey
    • Patented Technology
    • Industry Cases & ROI
    • Industry 4.0 compatibility

    Machine learning algorithms are applied, for the Artesis condition monitor to automatically provide fault diagnosis and prognosis information up to 6 months earlier than other systems.

    The Artesis system provides clear information for fault detection, diagnostics, time to failure and corrective actions, with MCM software used to view the data.

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    2019 Motor Diagnostic Workshop (MDW)

    Our Motor Diagnostic Workshop (MDW) is not your standard “instrument course”, but a comprehensive “Motor Diagnostics” training course! Presenting methods and techniques available to improve the overall reliability of your plant’s Electric Motor System, all attendees will benefit guaranteed, whether you own ALL-TEST Pro instruments or use other products.

    The 2019 MDW details

    Date:     4th quarter 2019
    Time:    to be advised
    Location: Perth, WA
    Venue:  to be advised

    COMBINED (4 CEU) – MCA & ESA Workshops:

    • Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA), Offline. 3 Days Training
      – Static Motor Testing
      – Hands-on exercises to measure winding systems & using MCA TREND/EMCAT Software
      – Three Phase Motors & DC Motors
      – Develop Off-line motor diagnostic program
    • Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), Online. 2 Days Training
      – Dynamic Motor Testing (Electrical & Mechanical)
      – Hands-on exercises to identify Dynamic Motor Faults using ESA & ATPOL online Software
      – Automatic Analysis & Reporting
      – Develop On-line motor diagnostic program

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    iLearn Interactive

    The interactive training package iLearnAlignment and iLearnVibration from Mobius is available in an SPM unique edition. iLearn covers all important aspects of vibration measurement and shaft alignment.

    iLearnVibration SPM Edition contains a full presentation of the Shock Pulse Method and SPM Spectrum for monitoring rolling bearings. The Reference Library helps you to find answers fast and detect bearing faults.

    iLearnAlignment SPM Edition teaches you the basics of shaft alignment. It gives practical advice on preparation and on how to move the machine, detect and correct soft foot, set tolerances, etc. iLearnAlignment also contains an animated step by step instruction on shaft alignment with LineLazer.

    SPM Academy

    SPM offers some of the world’s most efficient and simplest methods of condition monitoring on rotating machines. The SPM Academy provides the training that serves as an integrated part of the company’s approach to condition monitoring. The SPM Academy is thus a prerequisite for the SPM concept whose strategy is to enable your own personnel to carry out measurements, evaluate the results and make decisions.

    The SPM Academy trains executives, supervisors, production personnel and maintenance personnel who are involved in different ways in mechanical condition monitoring. The objective is to enable you to obtain the information that is critical to your production in plenty of time, so that you can avoid expensive production stoppages. The SPM Academy offers standardized courses as well as customized training.

    CBM Conference Australia

    The CBM Conference  (formerly known as IMVAC) is Australia’s best and only conference that is 100% for and about the machine condition monitoring industry. As such, our conference covers a broad range of technologies and sub-industries that revolve around keeping machinery in working order such as:

    • Vibration analysis: the way to detect slight changes in vibrations that occur as a result of machines suffering faults
    • Infrared thermography: thermal imaging technology that is used to detect manufacturing faults
    • Wear debris analysis: oil sample analysis used to detect metal wear particles and other contaminants
    • Motor testing: measuring motor currents to uncover faults in supply voltage
    • Ultrasound: high frequency technology used to detect friction, turbulence or impacts within machines
    • Lubrication: ensuring the long life of mechanical parts through proper lubrication
    • Condition monitoring: appropriate condition and functioning can extend lifespan
    • Alignment and balance: minimizing centrifugal forces to decrease strain and improve the reliability of machinery.

    The CBM Conference Australia is the first conference and exhibition in Australia to bring together all of these industries in one place. Our three to four-day conference at a leading hotel in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast presents industry professionals with the perfect opportunity to improve and grow their industry knowledge, mix with like-minded peers, learn new strategies and approaches and hear from the biggest and most respected names in the industry.

    Who should attend the CBM Conference Australia?

    Anyone who works in the condition monitoring or reliability industries should seriously consider attending the CBM Conference Australia, particularly if you live and work in Australia or New Zealand. Whatever your position, whether it is technical or managerial, there are plenty of learning and networking opportunities to take advantage of. It doesn’t matter if this will be your first CBM Conference or your third conference, everyone is welcome and everyone is sure to learn something.

    Why should you attend the CBM Conference Australia?

    There are more than just a couple of reasons that professionals attend CBM Conference Australia. Here are the top five:

    1. This is the only condition monitoring conference in Australia. In fact, our series of conferences are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world. That doesn’t mean they are small though. You’ll find every day packed with activities.
    2. That’s because we offer industry professionals the chance to attend three keynote speeches and over 50 educational presentations from experts in Australia and across the world. You’ll also have access to the exhibition center where hundreds of companies demonstrate the latest products and trends every day.
    3. We also offer a unique networking opportunity for professionals. Rarely do you get to meet fellow professionals from across the country and across the world. But at the CBM Conference Australia it happens each day.
    4. We bring you thought leaders and industry experts, like our founder Jason Tranter, who discuss new approaches to the challenges you, and the industry as a whole, are facing.
    5. You’ll discover new approaches, technologies and tools that will completely change the way in which you work.

    For more information contact us, call 1300 700 002 or email at